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‘Futomaki’ literally means fat roll. Fat because it’s stuffed full of yummy things not because it makes you fat!

For the Sushi rice – should be made in advance as it needs to be left to cool down:
2 cups (uncooked amount) Japanese white rice cooked in about 2.4 cups water
5 tbsp sushi seasoning (added after cooking)

Crab, avo, egg filling:

For the tamagoyaki (egg roll):
4 eggs
1- 2 tbsp caster sugar
a pinch of salt
a little oil for greasing the pan

10 crabsticks
1 large avocado
5 large pieces of nori (dried seaweed)
Extra sushi seasoning

Cucumber (a classic sushi filling, cheap and simple to make)
Red pepper
Tuna mayo and chive
Chicken mayo
Super fresh raw fish (if you can get hold of it!)

Dark soy saucesushi manga with speech bubble
Pickled ginger

A bamboo rolling mat
(If you don’t have one, cling film works and so does baking paper!)


  1. First make white rice, using guidelines given above.
  2. Mix the sushi seasoning into the cooked rice whilst it is still warm and allow to cool.
  3. Make tamagoyaki. Beat eggs with sugar and pinch of salt. Heat up a small frying pan, lightly grease using kitchen paper dipped in vegetable oil. Ladle in a spoonful of egg mix and spread around the pan. Allow to cook a little, then roll to the other side of the pan. Wipe oil onto empty part of pan and add another bit of egg mix. Let it cook a bit, then roll egg back the other way. Repeat until all egg used up and you have a rolled up omelette.
  4. Whilst egg is cooling, slice crabsticks in half lengthways and cut avocado into pieces of same size. Then cut tamagoyaki into similar sized thin strips.
  5. Place piece of nsuhsi 040ori on bamboo rolling mat. Wet your fingers with vinegar and flick a little onto the seaweed as well. Spread sushi rice on seaweed, leaving some space at the top. Lay out egg, avocado and crab on rice. For a little extra yum, add a squirt of mayo.
  6. Put drop of vinegar along top of seaweed so it sticks when you roll it. Make sushi by lifting up end closest to you and rolling away so that near and far ends of rice meet.suhsi 038
  7. Pinch to secure roll before removing mat. Repeat until all rice and filling is used up.
  8. Wrapping each roll in cling film when it is ready helps to secure the shape (you don’t have to do this). You can then take it off before cutting the roll.
  9. Cut your sushi rolls into bite size pieces using a sharp knife. Wet blade with a little sushi seasoning or rice vinegar to stop rice sticking.
  10. Serve up with soy sauce, a little wasabi and pickled ginger.

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