Sushi rice is vinegared Japanese rice. Some shops might sell normal Japanese rice as ‘sushi rice’ but this is misleading. You must add sushi seasoning (seasoned rice vinegar) to prepare sushi rice. Sushi rice can be made from brown or white Japanese rice but it is more common to use white.

sushi equipment INGREDIENTS
2 cups* Japanese white rice
2.4 cups water – this is less water than for normal rice as vinegar makes rice softer
5 tbsps sushi seasoning
(If you have wooden bowl, rice paddle and paper fan – that’s great! If not, no worries – there are other ways.)

1.Cook white rice with less water as suggested in ingredients.
2.When done put rice in large bowl, mix in sushi seasoning with rice paddle whilst rice is still warm – cut across rice in slashing motion.
3.If you can, fan rice whilst mixing it to remove excess moisture.
Let it cool.

*I tend to always measure rice in cups. If you don’t have a measuring cup, any cup is fine. It is the rice to water ratio that is important.

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