This is a recipe for a refreshing little side salad made from cucumber and wakame (a type of seaweed) with a vinegar dressing. This kind of dish is called ‘sunomono’, which literally means ‘vinegar thing’ in Japanese and is a perfect accompaniment to meaty things, fishy things and in fact most things.

cucumber and wakame saladINGREDIENTS

Handful of dried shredded wakame (seaweed)
2 mini cucumbers (or half a large cucumber)
Sprinkle of salt
Toasted white sesame seeds
Okaka (bonito flakes) (optional)


2 tbsp sushi seasoning (you can also use 2 tbsp rice vinegar mixed with 1/2 tsp sugar and a tiny pinch of salt)


1. Hydrate the wakame by soaking it in water for about 10 mins.
2. Slice the cucumber very thinly, toss the cucumber in a generous pinch of salt and leave for about 5 mins. This takes some of the water out of the cucumber, giving it a delicious crunch.
3. Drain the wakame and the cucumber.
4. Mix the wakame and cucumber in a bowl with 2 tbsp sushi seasoning. Leave to soak for about 5 mins.
5. Serve in small bowls and sprinkle over the sesame seeds and okaka.

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