What is it?
Fine ground, powdered, high quality green tea. Japanese people drink tea made from matcha powder at traditional Japanese tea ceremonies as well as any time of the day for a refreshing boost. It is also used in cakes and desserts.

How do you use it?
To drink: It is traditionally prepared by adding hot water and then mixing using a bamboo whisk and tea bowl. You can make it at home with a mug and a fork.
It can also be mixed with milk or soy milk to make a matcha latte.
In cakes and desserts: Powder can be added to cake mixes, biscuit mixes, ice creams, etc. for an interesting flavour and nice green hue.

Where can I get matcha?

Many supermarkets sell it or you can buy it online for example on the Japan Centre website, the Clearspring website and many more!



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