What are umeboshi?
Japanese pickled plums. Made from ume fruit that has been dried and salted.

What does umeboshi taste like?
Salty, sweet and very sour (see face).

How do you eat it?
The Japanese like to eat umboshi with rice either in onigiri (rice ball), as an accompaniment to a meal, or in a bento box. It can also be eaten with green tea or mixed with shochu (type of Japanese alcohol) and hot water. Umeboshi is also a great secret ingredient in dressings (see here for my umeboshi dressing recipe).

Are they easy to find?
Most Asian food stores stock umeboshi and it is becoming easier to find in supermarkets as well. It can be found as whole fruit or as a paste.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 20.06.52Is umeboshi singular or plural?
Both I think…

Anything else?
They say eating umeboshi makes you live longer.

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