What is dashi?
It is stock, usually made from bonito flakes and kombu seaweed (edible kelp).

Is it vegetarian?
Bonito comes from cod so dashi is essentially a type of fish stock. You can make or buy kombu dashi, which is suitable for vegetarians.

Where can I find it?
It is available in Asian food stores, online and many supermarkets.

How do I make it?
The easiest is to buy the instant powder base/ granules and add water according to instructions.

It is also easy to make a delicious stock from scratch:


Few pieces kombu (edible kelp)
30g katsuobushi (bonito flakes)
1l water
Soak kelp in water for a few hours.*

1. Bring water and kelp to boil in pan (slowly on mid-low heat) – skim surface now and then. Once about to boil, remove kelp.
2. Add bonito flakes, bring back to boil – flakes should float. Switch off. Skim surface. Leave for about 10 mins or until flakes have sunk. Strain stock.

*For simple kombu dashi just soak kelp in water overnight and it’s ready to use.

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