I’m SARAH JAPAN. I’m SMALL and half-Japanese and I believe food has the power to bring people together, from whatever background, from whatever culture. My recipes are influenced by Japanese cuisine, inspired by my Japanese mum’s home cooking.

I try to keep things simple, whilst using interesting flavours and original combinations. It’s about how different ingredients work together, contrasting and complementing to give an EXPLOSION OF WONDERFULNESS in your mouth.

I know lots of people who love Japanese food but don’t know how to cook it at home or feel intimidated by all the weird and wonderful ingredients. I want not just to share my love for healthy and delicious Japanese food but also make it more approachable so everyone can make it themselves at home.

Some of my recipes are my childhood favourites or dishes I’ve cooked time and again for family and friends. And then there are others that are completely new. I spend most evenings in the kitchen spilling miso soup on the floor and setting TERIYAKI ON FIRE! Hopefully we can learn together and have fun 🙂

Cook, eat and be happy!


Sarah Japan X

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  1. I adore your cover photo! Quite the action shot. I also adore eggs :). Also, Fae is a big supporter of new bloggers. She boosted my spirits when I was just starting out. I must go in and say Hi to her! P.S. I checked out your green bean recipe and will certainly be trying it out – Thanks 🙂

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